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The Beginning

Dr. John Reid and Dr. Kenneth Rainey originally developed online technical writing courses that were taught at their respective institutions in Georgia. They were borne out of credit side programs offered at Southern Polytechnic State University and non-credit courses through Kennesaw State University. From these efforts, Dr. Reid and Dr. Rainey developed additional courses of study, with the same rigor but targeted to the workforce. These formed the backbone of the now, well-established technical writing programs that have followed.

The Future

Technical Communication is often referred to as an “umbrella” profession. It has come of age addressing the diversity of jobs that now rely on technical designers rather than the old tag of “technical writers” to engage in the communication process. Our objective is to continuously develop and meet marketplace demand. The future growth and direction of the field will dictate what types of “New Technical Communication” programs are developed to meet business and industry requirements. Partnerships with accredited colleges and universities are expected to support the continued expansion of the program.

Instructors/Subject Matter Experts

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