Your employees may be experts in their chosen profession, but do they know how to effectively write and communicate?

We understand that every business has very different training needs. When online training isn't a good fit for your organization Techwriter-Certification (JER Online) is ready to offer customized training options as an ideal alternative at cost-affordable pricing. From private on-site classes at your location to virtual instructor-led training, JER Online has a solution that will fit your company needs.

Instead of developing a training program from scratch or hiring expensive outside consultants, you can partner with Techwriter-Certification to deliver professional training tailored to your employees' needs. Even if you already have competent writers in your workplace, their skills can be refreshed and improved by our seasoned instructors.

Industries that need technical communication professionals:

  • Information Technology/Software Publishers (Programmers, Networks Admin, Cyber Security)
  • Healthcare/Medical Industry
  • Human Resources/Business/Finance/Project Management
  • Government (State and Federal)
  • Architectural/Engineering (Chemical, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical)
  • Aerospace/Aviation Industry
  • Parts Manufacturing/Instruments Manufacturing
  • Instructional Design/Education
  • Scientific Research
  • Other similar areas

Let our 20+ years of training experience meet your needs.
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